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Upworthy is a steady stream of “important and irresistibly shareable stuff”. It’s their definition, not ours. About that, we’ll let you judge for yourself.

For us, the “importat stuff” right now is what Upworthy is doing when they look for their website analytics.

They don’t care about pageviews, saying that it’s only a great metric if you’re being paid for each pageview. They don’t almost care about unique visitors.

They care about time. But not time on site. As Google measures it, “works great for e-commerce but is often confusingly broken for media companies”, they say.

They care about attention minutes. And they intend to measure it by total attention on site and total attention per piece. How they do it? “By a combination of how many people watch something on Upworthy and how much of it they actually watch. Pieces with higher Total Attention should be promoted more”.

I believe it’s a smart move for websites as Upworthy. And it’s a relevant information for all working in web and social media. We must to look to all the metrics.

José Freitas

José Freitas

Ajudo pequenas e médias empresas e empreendedores a criar estratégias online para conseguirem melhores clientes, através da comunicação relacional. Na minha vida passada fui jornalista durante 25 anos. A comunicação é a minha praia. Viciado em café intenso e aromático.

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