The best Facebook posts? You have to try them all

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Facebook love posts with pictures, they say. Only text posts are not good because they get ‘lost’ in the flood of News feed content, they say.

You must be careful with links. Facebook doesn’t like to much links. Why? Because they aim to make people inside their platform and not to go outside. Just like parents protecting their child in a saturday spring afternoon. Somehow they have afraid that they won’t back.

Well, all of this was true. But recently Facebook made another algorithm change. Another one. And won’t be the last. You must expect another one in the next two or three months. It’s how they work and it’s fine. It’s a social network but it’s also a business.

The thing is that, by now, there are no perfect posts in Facebook. So, you have to make all kinds of status updates: only text, text with pictures, text with external links, text with links to another Facebook content, and maybe, but only sometimes, a picture and no text. Oh, and posts with video. Prefer short videos. People tend to not like long videos.

The key is trying. See what fits best for you. And when you find it, you must turn that down and start doing all again because, in meantime, everything changed. Again.




José Freitas

José Freitas

Ajudo pequenas e médias empresas e empreendedores a criar estratégias online para conseguirem melhores clientes, através da comunicação relacional. Na minha vida passada fui jornalista durante 25 anos. A comunicação é a minha praia. Viciado em café intenso e aromático.

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