Is your business only on Facebook, that’s a NO, NO, NO

facebook comércio

How many times do I have to tell you???

And you might ask: You told me that I had to be on Facebook, and now you’re telling me not to rely on Facebook?
Let me explain what I think about Facebook and F-commerce:
1- I don’t have to like Facebook, and neither do you.

But if your costumers like Facebook, you can’t afford to be picky about it, so the question is: Do you want to be close to your costumers???

2- Facebook isn’t the only network ‘out there’

Looks like that Facebook has been around for ages. 2014 is the year to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but for most of us (and your clients) only recently have joined the social network. Most os my ‘friends’ joined Facebook in 2009 and later. So, we may ask where will we all be in 5 years??? In Facebook, or in another social network? There are lots of the, and no one knows which will be ‘the next BIG thing’.

3- You don’t own your space in Facebook

Ever wondered that you don’t pay rent for being on Facebook? Did you ever read the Terms of Service at least? This is like having your physical business on a store, without paying rent and you have signed a contract that you haven’t read. Ouch, not very prudent.

4- You don’t control what others think about you on Facebook

Maybe you’ve heard lots of stories, but this morning I was listening to the radio and heard that Nuno Markl (a famous humorist in Portugal) had his Facebook account blocked for 12 hours. Do you know why? Because he published this image:coco1

You may not agree with Facebook blocking an account because of an innocent poop, or even being part of the 3 persons who complaint about this ‘obscenity’. Nevertheless, this example reminds us that we DO NOT control Facebook, and may be out of business because of the opinion of three persons.

5- Facebook is GOOD

In the end, Facebook is good because it opened a new and incredible way to flirt with our costumers. Nowadays it’s easy to communicate and feel back their needs. It’s a new era, a new market and WE ARE FEELING GOOD!!!

So what should you do??? Have your own platform that you control, meaning HAVE A SITE for your business, and make sure that your business is well integrated with every social network that your costumers may be. A good integration, means that you guarantee your online presence, even if someone blocks your account for some shitty reason.

This is the right way to have your business!!!

Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca

passionate about the internet. social media lover and wordpress geek.

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