Why Facebook bought WhatsApp?


So, Facebook agreed to pay 16 000 000 000 Euros for WhatsApp. Noticed the zero’s? It´s a lot of money. Why they did it? And why that very large tag price?

We’ll have to wait for the answer. Mark Zuckerberg give us a clue but that’s not the whole story. “Our mission is to make the world more open and connected. We do this by building services that help people share any type of content with any group of people they want. WhatsApp will help us do this by continuing to develop a service that people around the world love to use every day”, says the social network co-founder.

Oh, and the Facebook CEO promises to keep up and update the service.

Some say that Facebook did it because they want to catch a possible competitor. Others that it´s possible that the social network wants to improve their messaging service. Another theory is that Facebook wants to keep the teenagers attentions. After all, some say young people are leaving Facebook because it’s not cool anymore and becomes mainstream.

Facebook is huge. Much more that only a social network. It’s a large enterprise and it’s building a big conglomerate in communications and connections. Each company they bought gives them more and more data and knowledge. And they are just in the middle of the Monopoly board game.

And now, excuse me, I’ll go make a smoke signals company.

José Freitas

José Freitas

Ajudo pequenas e médias empresas e empreendedores a criar estratégias online para conseguirem melhores clientes, através da comunicação relacional. Na minha vida passada fui jornalista durante 25 anos. A comunicação é a minha praia. Viciado em café intenso e aromático.

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