How to get great food photography

fotos de comida

I like photography. I’m not a professional photograph but somehow i think i’m able to get nice shots. One of these days i had to make use of my amateur experience and some research to offer a Kaksi Media client some advises to how to get good food pictures.

Here is my advice.

  • Treat food as any other subject of a photograph. Photography is light, so get the food well illuminated, as well as products or dishes in the scenario. If possible make use of natural light by placing the dish near a window. Use the flash whenever is necessary but with caution. Be careful with the reflections.
  • Pay very attention to food arrangement but give context to it. Don’t shoot only the dish. Put it in context. Place near a fork, or a knife, or a spoon, maybe a glass or a napkin. Never all together. Avoid confusion and a messy photo.
  • Sometimes it’s better give context using a dish ingridient, such as a fresh tomato, a pepper, salt or herbs.
  • These elements are important for the picture but they must be in a secondary place. It’s the food that has to stand out.
  • Whenever possible, change the surface under the plate. Take photos using a towel, without towel, on stone surface, wood or next to a furnace, for example. Or maybe your hands holding the plate.
  • Be quick. Do not take too long to make the shot. Prepare the scene before having the dish ready, then don’t miss more than a few seconds to shoot.
  • If possible take pictures using different plates or bowls.
  • If possible, brush the food with a little olive or vegetable oil to give a brighter feel.
  • Not all photographs of food need to show the entire dish.
  • Be careful with textures, colors and appearance of each dish.
  • Try to make the photos using various angles. People usually takes pictures from the top. It’s allright to do it sometimes but not always. Try other positions and angles. In most cases you’ll get better results by shooting from down close to plate level or slightly above it.
  • If you want, you can create a nice steam effect. It’s really hard to make the camera ‘print’ the steam that cames from the food. So you might want to create some steam. Try using boiled water, dry ice or using a post-production effect in the computer.
José Freitas

José Freitas

Ajudo pequenas e médias empresas e empreendedores a criar estratégias online para conseguirem melhores clientes, através da comunicação relacional. Na minha vida passada fui jornalista durante 25 anos. A comunicação é a minha praia. Viciado em café intenso e aromático.

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