Go for it: use hashtags


Some say that hashtags are rehearsing the swan song. I really don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no. What I know it that hashtags are here. In the present and in the near future. So, why don’t use it? Can be useful and fun.

Hashtags are not new and gain popularity on Twitter and have made their way onto all the most popular social networks. Including Facebook. The major of the social networks resisted to hashtags for some time but last june (2013) they finally introduced the feature. It’s used also in Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Using hashtags is a strategic way can be effective when creating popularity around your brand, business or whatever you are writing about. It’s a way to find relevant conversations and people, trying to increasing engagement.

With hashtags you can:

  • Get information
  • Improve Reputation
  • Gain followers

Use hashtags wisely. The can be positive when used correctly but can also be negative when you overuse it or do it wrongly.


  • Make it too long
  • Make it obscure
  • Make it unclear
  • Use to many in the same post


  • Make it simple
  • Make it with context
  • Make your own
  • Use one or two in the same post
José Freitas

José Freitas

Ajudo pequenas e médias empresas e empreendedores a criar estratégias online para conseguirem melhores clientes, através da comunicação relacional. Na minha vida passada fui jornalista durante 25 anos. A comunicação é a minha praia. Viciado em café intenso e aromático.

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