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[blockquote]In the beginning there was a community (the Portuguese WordPress community). But it was formless and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of WordPress was hovering our minds…[/blockquote]

At the WordCamp Porto 2013 we said, “Let there be a REAL COMMUNITY“, and that was our challenge. And we saw that this challenge was good, and decided to organize regular WordPress meetups.

And then someone said: “Spread the word, share the challenge, and let there be PLACES for the events”. And it was so. Almost immediately Matosinhos was on the horizon, and Mary Spot Vintage Bar would be the perfect place for the meetup.

And then someone said: “Let there be a THEME“. And it was so. Being on the beginning of the year, a great time to make plans and decide what 2014 should be for every business, we wondered about ‘e-Commerce‘. Can WordPress and e-Commerce tools make 2014 a starting point for the new Portugal that rises above us? We think it can, and we saw that the theme was good.

And then someone said: “As the land produce vegetation, so shall your commitment will be the true seed that will make everything come true“. And it was so. Everyone we talked about the meetup, wanted to be a part of it, so we had the opportunity to share more than just nerd info. We had an accountant (Francisco Nuno Teixeira) and a lawyer (António Paulo Moreira) talking about other subjects that are vital for the success of an e-Commerce business. And it was really good.

With preparation, organization, networking, and let’s be honest with lots of fun, drinks with friends and a sense of achievement we had the first WordPress meetup in Matosinhos, or as some believers would say ‘The first day’


Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca

passionate about the internet. social media lover and wordpress geek.

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