You are what people think of you.


Back in the days, you relied on your business card to present yourself. Nowadays, social media is playing a significant role in this task.

You are what people think of you. You may not agree with this, but it’s TRUE!!!

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. etc. define your public image, much more than any other type of presentation. You may still be using your business cards, but I’ll assure you that everybody that gets your card, will make an online search about you. You won’t make a business, or get a job without being checked out on Google and Social media.

So, what is the best way to present yourself online if there is a possibility of a future client, partner or employer looking you up? You want to ensure that you represent yourself in a professional and interesting light.

1. Don’t follow

Be original. Be aware on what surrounds you. Write sharp and intelligent updates, and you might end up attracting followers on Twitter, and it will be a breath of fresh air from crass or mundane tweets. Don’t just retweet. Remeber to include statistics and interesting quotes from leaders in your area.

2. Don’t upload that photo

‘Count ‘till 10 before uploading an image up on Facebook’. A photo speaks a thousand words, and can depict you in a bad light very easily.

3. Don’t be ‘that’ guy

Don’t come across as pushy, asking people to re-tweet your article or status – if people like it, they will retweet it. Also asking people to follow you can come across as pushy and desperate. On the other hand, do thank and engage with people who follow you.

4. Share your love

Sharing your hobbies and tastes can portray you as an active, interesting and unique individual. Music, books, sport or quirky hobbies can come across as diverse and interesting. Remember, be a lover, not a hater!!! Try to show the best side of yourself, and keep your secret hates to yourself.

5. Be on top of the news

News changes so frequently, especially online. Try not to say something which has been repeated thousands of times, and try not to give stale information. Staying on top of what’s trending and being some of the first to talk about current affairs is a good indication to those who want to know you better.

Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca

passionate about the internet. social media lover and wordpress geek.

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