WordPress by the beach??? Not tomorrow

farol e mar revolto

Every second Monday of the month we give back to the community. Or at least we try to do so. This is one way to contribute to the WordPress community for all it gives us.

How do we give back? Well, by answering to open tickets in the Portuguese forum, or by doing some pro bono support to anyone who needs it. Do you want a better way to start your week??? This is a great suggestion to all of you that don’t like Mondays. Well, We love them 😉

Normally we like being by the sea. It’s always great to leave the office and have (lots of) fun while having the pleasure to do our work.


But tomorrow we won’t be at Lais the Guia, in Matosinhos, as there is a red alert to all the portuguese coast.

So, where will we be at?

Quite simple, We will be in the office, and everybody is invited. Yes, everybody.

And you know what??? As WE LOVE COFFEE, there will be coffee for everyone.


Do you want to join us tomorrow?

Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca

passionate about the internet. social media lover and wordpress geek.

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